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K-12 Schools

1. You’re struggling with parent communication.

2. Your staff spends too much time answering the same questions over and over again.

3. Parents aren’t reading or engaging with the communications you send out.

Small Businesses

1. You’re struggling to find new customers.

2. You’re losing existing customers.

3. You know you need to do something to improve your business, but you aren’t sure what to do.

Employee Engagement

1. Your employees aren’t as productive as you need them to be.

2. Employee turnover is costing you time and money.

3. You need to increase profitability.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Castle Rock Middle School has had an amazing experience working with Rialto Mobile. Our app is user friendly, visually and aesthetically pleasing and has been such a powerful communication tool for us this year. Using the app for push notifications such as snow days and spirit nights has proved to be really powerful and valuable. Rialto Mobile is incredibly responsive and has helped us with any request we have pitched at them. This is a superb product with a ton of resources and support."
Lee-Ann Hayen, Principal
Castle Rock Middle School
"The mobile app is a central component of Pine Creek’s communication system and feedback from our parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents, students, and staff love the convenience, ease-of-use, and professional appearance. We’ve brought together our website, student resources, newsletters, push messaging, staff directory, and more in one place. Working with Tim Fitzpatrick and Rialto to develop our app could not have gone more smoothly. At each step of the process, Rialto was responsive and supportive, and the ongoing support has been equally impressive. This mobile app is a must-have for schools looking for ways to improve communication with the larger school community."
Levka Craft, Assistant Principal
Pine Creek High School
"I just have to say what a wonderful resource our app is for our community! All our school information is literally at the fingertips of the parents and students of our school...Use of the app has reduced phone calls to the office and the feedback from our parents has been overwhelmingly positive."
Andrea McNamara, Principal's Secretary
Cougar Run Elementary
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The Rialto Mobile Marketing Blog

By Tim Fitzpatrick 24 Jul, 2017
Keeping your customers happy and satisfied will go a long way to sustaining a thriving business.  In fact, 85% of small businesses get customers through word of mouth.  Knowing everything you can about your customers - their goals, desires, fears, and motivations is critically important.

Is there a common goal or desire that every customer has? I believe the answer is "yes". Outside of seeking the specific product or service you offer, every client really wants the same thing. It doesn't matter what business you are in, all clients want the following whether they acknowledge it or not.
By Tim Fitzpatrick 18 Jul, 2017
Did you know...

  • engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization than the disengaged?

  • companies with high employee engagement scores had twice the customer loyalty (repeat purchases, recommendations to friends) than companies with average employee engagement levels? 

These are just a few of the many stats out there about the correlation between employee engagement and other critical aspects of your business. Check out Kevin Kruse's article HERE for some eye opening info about employee engagement.

If you have not been focused on employee engagement in your business I'd highly recommend doing so ASAP. I'm going to review the top 5 benefits you will see in your business by doing so.
By Tim Fitzpatrick 10 Jul, 2017
If your company is like most, you are heavily focused on new customer acquisition. There's nothing wrong with that, but often times customer retention and loyalty get overlooked at the expense of new customer acquisition.

What good is acquiring new customers if you are having trouble retaining them? Acquiring new customers and then retaining them really go hand in hand. You must have both in your business to maximize growth & profit, and to have a sustainable business long term.

I'm going to give you the key to managing customer retention in your business and it's one word...


By Tim Fitzpatrick 03 Jul, 2017

The importance of ensuring your employees are happy, cannot be overemphasized; as this has a great impact on their job output. As an employer, it falls on your shoulders to monitor employee satisfaction and create programs to help boost it.

Here are seven tips to help you improve employee satisfaction now!


1. Provide the Opportunity for Authentic Employee Interactions

Managers are typically very busy people, that are short on time. It's not uncommon for employees to think that their manager/employer is too busy for the "small stuff".

However, employees can have outstanding ideas that can significantly impact your business for the better. The challenge is they need opportunities to speak with their managers and not feel rushed or brushed off. Designate time for your managers to have the ability to sit down with people one on one or in a group setting where employees can feel like they are truly being listened to.

Authentic interactions with employees will go a long way in making them feel heard and supported, which will translate into higher satisfaction.

2. Set Clearly Defined Goals

In order to get where you want to be, you must first establish where you want to go. Not setting goals is like driving around in your car without a set destination.

Not setting short and long-term goals for employees creates an environment where they may wander around aimlessly, doing their job, but not really sure where they are headed.  This doesn't make anyone feel great.

Employees also need to know the short and long term goals of the company.  In order to feel satisfied, it's important to know where the company is headed and what you hope to accomplish. When employees know where they are headed and where the company is headed they tend to feel more secure and motivated to perform as part of the team.

3. Implement a Wellness Program

A healthy employee population contributes to the overall growth of any company. More and more companies are realizing the huge benefits of increasing wellness with their employees...better productivity, lower health care costs, and higher employee satisfaction.

This article, 5 Hallmarks of Successful Corporate Wellness Programs , is a great read to get more in depth information.

4. Concentrate On Growth

A growing company is a dynamic and exciting place to be. Employees can't help but be invested and excited to see where the company will go.

Contrast this with a stagnant company, or worse, a shrinking company where employees might feel uneasy and insecure about the future. It's incredibly difficult for anyone to feel satisfied in an environment like this.

Employees should also have opportunities for growth themselves.  Do you offer them opportunities to learn, personally develop, and take on more responsibilities? Do employees that want to move up in your company have the opportunity to do so? If not, it's highly unlikely they will feel completely satisfied. 

Focusing on growth for the company and all the individual employees will go a long way in creating high employee satisfaction.

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