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K-12 Schools

1. You’re struggling with parent communication.

2. Your staff spends too much time answering the same questions over and over again.

3. Parents aren’t reading or engaging with the communications you send out.

Small Businesses

1. You’re struggling to find new customers.

2. You’re losing existing customers.

3. You know you need to do something to improve your business, but you aren’t sure what to do.

Employee Engagement

1. Your employees aren’t as productive as you need them to be.

2. Employee turnover is costing you time and money.

3. You need to increase profitability.
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Mobile Applications
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Employee Engagement
What Our Clients Say About Us

"Castle Rock Middle School has had an amazing experience working with Rialto Mobile. Our app is user friendly, visually and aesthetically pleasing and has been such a powerful communication tool for us this year. Using the app for push notifications such as snow days and spirit nights has proved to be really powerful and valuable. Rialto Mobile is incredibly responsive and has helped us with any request we have pitched at them. This is a superb product with a ton of resources and support."
Lee-Ann Hayen, Principal
Castle Rock Middle School
"The mobile app is a central component of Pine Creek’s communication system and feedback from our parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents, students, and staff love the convenience, ease-of-use, and professional appearance. We’ve brought together our website, student resources, newsletters, push messaging, staff directory, and more in one place. Working with Tim Fitzpatrick and Rialto to develop our app could not have gone more smoothly. At each step of the process, Rialto was responsive and supportive, and the ongoing support has been equally impressive. This mobile app is a must-have for schools looking for ways to improve communication with the larger school community."
Levka Craft, Assistant Principal
Pine Creek High School
"I just have to say what a wonderful resource our app is for our community! All our school information is literally at the fingertips of the parents and students of our school...Use of the app has reduced phone calls to the office and the feedback from our parents has been overwhelmingly positive."
Andrea McNamara, Principal's Secretary
Cougar Run Elementary
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The Latest From The Rialto Blog

The Rialto Mobile Marketing Blog

By Tim Fitzpatrick 21 Nov, 2017
"It's doing fine." I often get this answer from a lot of small business owners whenever I ask them about how their business is doing. Truth is - many of them are stuck and struggling - especially with their marketing strategy.
By Tim Fitzpatrick 14 Nov, 2017
Let's be honest, we all need help sometimes. Your small business has many needs that require a variety of skill sets which makes it difficult to be a "One Man Army" or to "Do It Yourself". One of those needs is small business marketing  which can either make or break your business.
By Tim Fitzpatrick 09 Nov, 2017

How do you see your small business website? Like Neil said above, you should see it as an investment...

Your website is at the center of all your small business marketing efforts. No matter where a prospect starts, they will inevitably end up on your website.

It’s almost unfair what we ask of our websites. They need to help your business get found, build trust, educate, inform, nurture and convert.

The problem is most websites don’t even accomplish half of this.  Is your website generating leads? Is it generating enough leads?

Most people who want to grow their business can never have too many leads (unless you can't properly handle a greater volume of leads, but that's a topic for another article).

If you want to increase lead generation on your small business website then incorporate the 7 tips below.

By Tim Fitzpatrick 01 Nov, 2017
Content marketing has become a significant part of most marketing efforts for companies large and small. I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying it's the only marketing that's left like Seth Godin, but I do agree that it is of utmost importance in any small business's marketing strategy.

You cannot maximize your small business marketing efforts today without a foundation built on search engine optimization, social media and content marketing.  The three are intertwined and depend on one another to maximize success.

Let's make sure we are on the same page and define content marketing first.

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on the creation, distribution, and sharing of information with an emphasis on helping and educating potential and current customers.

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