Find Email Addresses in No Time Flat

How to Easily Find Email Addresses for Prospects in No Time Flat

How to Easily Find Email Addresses for Prospects in No Time Flat

Anyone involved in the selling process for your small business no doubt needs to find the correct email address to reach a prospect.  Finding email addresses for your B2B prospects doesn't have to be difficult.

I've found a handful of email tools to be very helpful. This video walks you through the tools I use most of the time. It’s pretty rare to not find the email address I am looking for in a short amount of time. Watch the video now.

Here are some additional resources you may find helpful in your email prospecting and outreach. 


    Find email addresses in seconds and connect with people that matter for your business.  I use this service and it works great.
  2. Sell Hack 
    Find leads. Build lists. Verify emails.  I used this service for a while and it's another really good option for finding email addresses.
  3. Who Is Domain Lookup 
    With this tool, you can look up the information for a specific domain.  Sometimes, not always, you can figure out the email nomenclature for a company.
    This is an easy to use email address verification tool.  It won't always tell you whether the email address is valid, but it's a great place to check.
    This tool works well for larger companies.  It has a pretty extensive list of companies and their email nomenclature.
  6. LeadFerret 
    This is another service you can use to find email addresses.  I haven't used it, but they have a pretty extensive database of companies and it might be worth checking out.
  7. BriteVerify 
    This is another email verification service.  If you are working with large prospect lists and unsure of the accuracy of the list this might be worth checking out.  It will help reduce bad email addresses and bounce rates which could impact your deliverability over time.
    Generate leads on autopilot with automated outbound emails and follow ups.  I use this service and it works fantastic.  Definitely worth checking out if you are doing any volume of cold email outreach.
  9. Outreach 
    Outreach calls themselves a sales engagement platform.  They offer a number of tools you may find helpful if you have a team of salespeople.
  10. Toofr 
    Another service to help you find email addresses.
  11. EmailSherlock 
    Another service to help you find email addresses.
  12. Cobisi Email Validation 
    This is another good email validation service.  Similar to

If you aren't already using some of these email tools I know you will see a ton of benefit in using at least some of them.

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