How to Instantly Improve Your School Communication Plan

  • By Tim Fitzpatrick
  • 08 Mar, 2017
How to Instantly Improve Your School Communication Plan
Communication is critically important to the success of any school.  You won't find a successful school that doesn't have strong communication with stakeholders.  There are many channels of communication used by schools.  Some of the more popular ones are mobile apps, phone, website, printed material, email and social media.

Today, I want to focus on email because it's where I see an opportunity for a number of schools to instantly improve with one simple adjustment.  By the way, this improvement isn't solely relegated to schools either.  As you'll see in the examples below, many organizations large and small are making this mistake.  In fact, I'm making this same mistake in my business right now .  

According to Litmus , 56% of email opens come from a mobile device.  When was the last time you checked your weekly news or monthly newsletter communication that is sent out via email?  Have you ever bothered to look at how it displays if you open the email from your phone?  If mobile users cannot easily view your email messages take a guess what they are doing with it...DELETE.  And over half your audience is now opening email on their phone.

A few examples will help illustrate my point:
The newsletter fits on my screen.  I can read it.'s hard to read because the lettering is small and if I've got big fingers any links will be very difficult to select.
Almost identical to example 1.  The information fits on my screen, but the lettering is very small.  Reading the message and clicking on links can be very difficult. Look how small the social sharing icons are.
Not much different than the first two examples. I hope these examples convey my point.
When you compare the examples above to the ones below, which messages do you think you would be more inclined to read when checking email on your mobile phone?
What a difference! The lettering is easy to read. I can easily click on the buttons & links.
Again..what a difference. This is much easier to read and navigate on my phone.
The lettering on this example is huge. The blue lettering for links is hard to miss and with even the largest fingers I'd have no problem clicking on links.
These examples really show the huge difference between certain email communications.  With a majority of email opens coming from mobile this is really something you don't want to ignore at this point.  Your open rates and read rates will be much higher for email communications that can be easily read on a mobile device.  Isn't that what you want?

Do it one of your last email marketing messages on your phone to see how it looks.  If you don't have any improvements to make that's awesome.  If you do...then make the necessary adjustments.

If you aren't sure how to make adjustments and need help please reach out to me.  I'd be happy to help you (and it won't cost you a dime).

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Tim Fitzpatrick  is the President & Founder of Rialto Mobile.  At Rialto Mobile, we believe in the importance of K-12 education and stand behind it with discounted mobile apps for schools.  If you'd like to check out our programs just click HERE .

PS. If you haven't seen how some schools are taking advantage of the power mobile has to offer you might benefit by looking at some examples in the app stores.  Click on one of the links below to check some apps out.

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